Diwali the festival of lights and one of the most significant festival in Indian culture. There are many rituals and traditions associated with Diwali, many of them have high religious significance. These activities make this festival highly entertaining and jubilant to celebrate, houses are decorated with candles and colorful lights and huge firework displays are held with families feast and share gifts. Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs to mark historical events story or myths but they all spiritually mark the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil, hope over despair. Before getting ready, it would be better if we go through the major activities once so that it would give you the proper orientation to get started.
Pujas and Prayers :- Pujas and prayers are the important part of Diwali celebrations. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, is most generous during Diwali t

hat she blesses those who worship her on this day. Lakshmi puja in conducted in every household to please Goddess Lakshmi.
Decoration:- The festival of Diwali is famous for its decorations. People decorate their home with colorful rangolies, flowers, and toran. The tradition of decorating home during Diwali is actually part of the belief that goddess Lakshmi visits every househole during Diwali and showers blessings on her devotees.
Getting Together: – Getting together with family, relatives and friend give us the most wonderful moment of our life Diwali is an occasion to arrange such get-together known as “Milan”.
Lighting Diyas:- Diwali festivals are not complete without lighting Diyas. It is believed that it was on this auspicious day that lord Rama Returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. People of Ayodhya wanted to celebrate this occasion and they decorated the city with lighted earthen lamps.
Bursting Phatakaas:- This is the most entertaining activity of Diwali, but we should take Precaution while bursting Crackers.
Distributing Mathai and Gifts:- Distributing sweets and gifts among loved ones makes Diwali a special experience usually we prepare traditional gifts and sweets in our home and exchanging gifts and sweets to our relatives and friends. So we all are ready to celebrate the festival of lights and crackers.
Wish u all a very Happy Diwali