Though hockey is the national sport of India, sometimes one is forced to wonder if it is Cricket which deserves this honor. For when one compares the excitement and frenzy generated by a cricket match in India to that surrounding a hockey match, the latter pales into insignificance. So it can be said that cricket is the ‘unofficial’ national sport of India. Here is the checklist to consider while organizing cricket league (Local/Corporate/State/National etc.).
Organising Cricket League :
First raise a question ourselves: Why we are conducting tournament – Purpose of the tournament, Goals of the tournament. Example : To find talent or publicity or Money or any other reason
– Prepare tournament rules document
– Give title for your tournament and which season is running Ex: Raj Premier League
– Size of tournament (How many teams can participate)
– Season also very Important (should not be rain season)
– Schedules (Dates & Time)
– Sponsors selection
– Who can participate
– For which category Age & Who can participate which category (U-16, U-19 or any is any Corporate or National Level)
– Collecting team and individual player data
– Issuing Id cards to each player
– Overs Limit (either 20-20) or any defined
– Type of format (Knockout, group level etc.)
– Opening & Prize distribution ceremony if required
– Inviting guest etc.
– Know about Team Point & Net run rates etc.
– Grounds selection (Hire ground, Ground conditions)
– Empires selection
– Scorecard providers (Live scorecard on web portal, Live telecast on channels)
– How many players per team
– Take Experts Opinions (who already run successful tournament)
– Are you organizing your tournament or through event management
– Publicity through ads, online cricket relevant website, social networking sites.
– Issuing awards winner/runner and best performances and prize money etc.
– Which balls & bats need to use
– Providing other facilities like transport, food & water, Dressing room etc.
– Dress code.
– Communication with teams
– If it is big tournament try to get local sponsors
– If in India organizing tournament best season is December to May
– ask to wear helmet & Gloves for a batsman, wicket keeper
– Maintain first aid kit.